Friday, June 22, 2012

James Franco is a Psycho

He really is. But I'm still intrigued.


Now I don't mean to say he's gonna hack someone up but he has gotten pretty weird since tapping into his workaholic academic side (60 credits in one college quarter can fry your mind! I should know!)

A week ago I went to check out his MOCA - Los Angeles exhibit, Rebel, which hopes to capture the essence of the James Dean film, Rebel Without a Cause.

I really don't know how to describe it, what to call it, or if to recommend it. But I am recommending it. It's quite an experience. Like trudging through the half-disturbed mind of a boy obsessed with overexposed nudity. Oh the nudity! The exhibit is comprised of short films and photography as well as completely transforming the space into an art piece in itself. There is a lot of  vaginas, dicks, blowup dolls, bicycles, James Franco in drag and much more.

I definitely think peeps should check it out. I AM NOT saying you will like it. I don't even know if I like it. Franco is just so damn crazy. Crazily intriguing!. He does need to get some sleep though, seriously. I've met him on a couple of occasions and permanent bags under the eyes are not a good look for anyone.

Anyway, I'm posting a few pics from the exhibit to give you a sneak peak in case you don't get out there today or tomorrow.

The exhibit will be open until June 23. That's TWO days. At the JF Chen warehouse located at 941 N. Highland. Also IT'S FREE!

Yeah I think I'll still file this under "Cool Places To Visit in LA"

And James Franco in drag lol. He's kinda purty :)

All photos from Rebel exhibit at MOCA by James Franco and artists.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Of Greetings and salutations

So today the people I live with, via the Woman of the house, let me know that they are not pleased with my way of greeting.

They aren't pleased with much of what I do which consists of anytime I am home I stay in my room until I have to get some food from the kitchen. I don't like to sit in front of a television (though I watch tv shows) and I have a lot of work to do (at least in my head). But that is all besides the point. Apparently my greetings are not loud enough or long enough.

The people I live with are to put it as nicely as I can: batsh t crazy. I've dealt with that revelation and now it's just amusing. I'll go more in-depth about my living situation later. Just fyi if you are thinking about moving to LA or you wanna live in Los Angeles, be very careful who you decide to live with. People are seemingly sweet but can split open like an onion and it ain't pretty when it all unravels.

->->I am about to go on a full on rant about salutations, bitchy people and culture clashing.<-<-

I was out having a nice run around the neighborhood when the Woman interrupted. I mean she completely hijacked my peaceful exercise time under the guise of wanting to get her daily workout in. Whatever. I like when people workout so I didn't really mind. We ran for 2 minutes when she had to stop. Walking means talking, which is the last thing I want to do when I'm in the zone. I'm an admitted fitness freak. She wants to talk about her frustrations with her kids and blah blah blah. Her oldest son has sworn he will never return to the house (Way to go!) and she is wondering why. Suddenly she brings up the subject that "people" aren't happy with my greeting and how big it is in the Igbo culture(Maybe your controlling nature is why he won't come back). She's confronted me about this before but I'm just too busy living my life to remember. It's not disrespect on my part. There is just NO WAY that every time I enter a room, go to the kitchen or scratch my bum that I'm going to look around, smile, and ask how each person is doing. Does anyone do that? If so please let me know.

"Are we really arguing about salutations?"

Was the only thought I had. It wasn't really an argument though. Anytime there's an issue I just agree, smiling like the Cheshire cat. Her house her rules. I know I'm not an ogre. I'm very respectful or try to be. I take an interest when I can and always say hi when I see someone.

Besides these people SERIOUSLY have their priorities crossed. They are upset over a "hi" not properly done in a way that no one except them are privy to. But it's okay that every day one of their sons is on the brink of beating the other to a pulp. Very messed up priorities indeed.

Really if I am being petty or ridiculous I'd like to know. How important is it really how you greet people you see everyday?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bear with me...or is it bare with me?

I'm very new to blogging but have some great content coming. Please check back in few days (like one!) and I will have gotten this thing together.

For a preview of what I will be writing on: my cross-country trek to LA with my uber religious cousin (whom I adore), creepy stalker vans, crazy SF hills & drama, bad friends :(, good friends, my new LA home, the crazy Nigerians I live with (I'm Nigerian too but not crazy), my car wreck, snake attacks at Griffith and much more!

This is LA from my eyes...

So please bear with me :)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everybody says "Welcome To LA' when you move to LA

"Welcome to LA!"

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that phrase since I moved here almost two months ago (Yay! Anniversary! go ahead eyeroll.) There have been some pretty great moments and there have been some really sh*tty ones (I'm trying to stop cussing. Now THAT'S self-control. Try it. See?) In my short time since moving to LA, I've had my share of laughs, tears, sweat, dreams and a little blood (not mine!). So I decided to begin to share the journey because I can tell there will be more to come. I want to connect with other people like me who are putting their hearts and lives on the line to pursue their dreams in the city of Angels. I also want to encourage, as fluffly as that sounds and I am not a fluffy type, but I know what struggle is and how important it is not to give up. Today was just another event in a series of misfortunes and after I made it through I called my mother for support but was crushed. Again she yelled at me for my current state of employment, which is nonexistent, as if jobs just hang on trees and I just need to pick one. She finished by saying how disappointed she was because I have a degree from an Ivy League school so she expected more and that I wouldn't cut it in California. Good times.
But something strange happened while she was ranting, my father's words just kept running through my head. The strict, you-must-succeed-above-all father who I've had a strained and distant relationship with. My parents are separated and were never married, which is a whole different can of worms and issues. But anyway earlier in the week my dad had sent me a text saying: "You must perservere and stay positive. I will endeavor to sustain you." He's Nigerian and sometimes talks strangely, but I got the point. It's amazing how maturing over this last year has helped me to open up and work on my relationship with him. It's been a good thing.
Ok chick flick moment over. The big point is that it's about sticking it out and having people who will encourage you because a lot of people won't get you or your dreams. I hung up on my mother and let my father's encouragement strengthen me. I will perservere and become independent and successful and stop writing run-on sentences. I've only been here 2 rough months but I feel like this city is my home even when the Dept. of Transportation is towing my car. I still love LA and that's what this blog is about! It's also about film, movies, fashion, love, fights, UCB and anything else that interest me!